Avo Improvisation LE 2020 14s


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Country of Origin
Ring Gauge
Dominican Republic

In life, just as in jazz, most notes are planned. But it’s the unplanned notes that make magic. Avo believed, above all, life is to be enjoyed. That opportunity is everywhere. And in everyone. That no matter where you are there is pleasure to be found. A chance to see beyond the ordinary. To connect with something new. To listen to the notes that others are playing and join in.

Avo’s life was an extraordinary song. One of chance encounters, instant connections, and unique experiences. Avo cigars are just as extraordinary. An unplanned journey born from a desire to explore and connect. Made from blends as worldly as they are surprising. Ready to be discovered and shared. Today, we explore on. Inspired by Avo’s lust for life. Seeking out chance. Embracing connections. Living for the next extraordinary note.

Tasting Notes:

The cigar starts with beautiful creamy and toasty notes. An enjoyable bitterness deriving from the Peruvian Visus tobacco stimulating notes of coffee and cacao. Due to the format, one can note very well the stimulation in the three thirds with a delightful evolution in terms of flavors and intensity. In the last third, the cigar gets more intense with some earthy and spicy notes.

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