Legacy Cask #HHF584 20 Year Aged Single Malt


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A brilliant single cask, our Legacy HHF584 is a story of simplicity and complexity intertwining to create something very special. This single malt spent the first 15 years of its life maturing in French oak, it was then moved to a First Fill Bourbon cask for a further 5 years to give the whisky a sweetness with an overall balance and complexity. There is something to be said about leaving a whisky to do all the work itself, with just a small tweak here and there to make sure it’s on the right path. HHF584 has been left to mature and find complexity naturally, music to the ears of Whisky enthusiast.

A Tasmanian single malt that captures the essence of an enduring legacy lasting 30 years. Crafted by Bill Lark during his tenure at a renowned Tasmanian distillery, this spirit sat with quiet conviction for two decades developing in both complexity and age under Bill’s expectant and nurturing eye.

The result is a cask containing one of the oldest and most exclusive single malts to be released under the HOUSE of LARK name. An exceptional offering, testament to Bill’s pioneering vision and our continued pursuit of the extraordinary.
Celebrating 30 years of Tasmanian Whisky.

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