Padron 5000 Maduro


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Padron 5000 Maduro


Jose Padrón began using the Nicaraguan tobacco in 1967, but due to inability to meet the demands of his consumers, he moved his company to Estelí, Nicaragua in 1970 — a country with numerous political troubles at the time.[3] Padrón tried to remain apolitical during his stay in Nicaragua however, after riots broke out and Padrón’s factory was burnt down, Jose began to search for another location for his business.

While the factory in Nicaragua was rebuilt soon after the disaster, another factory was established across the border in Honduras.[3] After the Sandinista rebellion and take over, there was much uncertainty at the Padrón factory as to what the workers were to do. Padrón asked them to continue working, and eventually Padrón returned to Nicaragua where he spoke to a Sandinista official, who promised him there would be no more problems with his factory. Today Padron makes one of the greatest non Cuban cigars in the World.

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