Partagas Serie D No 3 25s Limited Edition 2001


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Country of Origin
Ring Gauge

Coronas GordasDIMENSIONS
143 mm (5 5/8”) x 46 (18.26 mm)

History of the Brand

Partagás Serie D No.4
The Catalan Don Jaime Partagás y Ravelo (Arenys de Mar, 1816 – Vuelta abajo, Cuba, 1868) was the son of Jaume Partagás (tailor) and Teresa Ravelo.[1] He migrated to Cuba in 1831 and worked for Lloret de Mar businessman, Joan Conill in Havana.[1] Establishing his own factory, La Flor de Tabacas de Partagás in 1845, at 1 Cristina St.[2] in Havana (later relocated to Calle Industria), Don Jaime owned many of the best plantations in the Vuelta Abajo tobacco-growing region of Cuba.[1] Don Jaime’s ability to choose from among the finest tobaccos on the island, and an instinct for blending and fermenting tobaccos made the brand incredibly successful.[1] Don Jaime is also legendarily credited with hiring one of the first lectors to read to and entertain the cigar rollers as they worked.

Don Jaime was murdered on one of his plantations in 1868[2] and his son José Partagás took over the business.[1] Later the factory and brand were sold to banker José A. Bances.[1] In 1899, Bances invited Ramón Cifuentes Llano (1854-1938), a talented tabaquero from Ribadesella Spain – to join him as partner.[1] Bances sold his remaining shares to Cifuentes the following year.[1] Cifuentes took over management of Partagás with José Fernández López and was joined in 1916 by the Galician vegas owner and leaf wholesaler, Francisco Pego Pita, who in turn sold the company to Cifuentes, Fernández y Cía in 1900.[1] In 1916, Don José Fernández left the firm and Ramón Cifuentes Llano joined with Francisco Pego Pita to form Cifuentes, Pego y Cía.[1] In 1927, it acquired the rights to the Ramón Allones brand; at some unknown point the factory began to produce a brand in its own name, Cifuentes.

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