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For Lighters

Red gas refill,

For the following lighters:

Le Grand S.T. Dupont,

Ligne 2 small,

Ligne 2 Cling (C16XXX),

Ligne1 big,

Jéroboam table lighter,

Cylindrique table lighter.


. Hold your lighter vertically, facing downwards.
2. Unscrew the cap.
3. Empty the gas tank by pressing the valve head (using a ballpoint pen).
4. Squarely screw down the refill upside down into the filling valve. Push the refill down without using undue force for 5 seconds to ensure that your lighter is correctly filled.
Repeat this operation twice.
Quickly unscrew the refill after completing the operation.
Never carry out this operation near heat, hot surfaces, sparks, naked flames, or any other source of ignition.
These refills can be used several times.
NB: when refilling a lighter using a blue cartridge.
Empty the gas tank and directly insert the cartridge squarely into the filling valve, push it down fully without using undue force; hold for 5 seconds and repeat the operation.
This refill can be used several times.    120 grms per can

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