Trinidad Esmeralda 12s


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The Trinidad brand, created in 1969, incorporates three new vitolas into its regular portfolio for its 50th Anniversary. The heavy ring gauge of 56 is introduced into the brand’s portfolio for the first time. Of the three vitolas, two are unprecedented; Esmeralda (53 ring gauge x 145 mm length), and Media Luna (50 ring gauge x 115 mm length), while Topes (56 ring gauge x 125 mm length) was released as a Limited Edition in 2016. Now, Topes incorporates the 56 ring gauge for the first time into the brand’s regular portfolio.

The origins of Trinidad as a Habanos brand date back to 1969, and for many years, much like the Cohiba brand, it was used exclusively as a gift from the Cuban state to senior dignitaries from overseas. Later, in 1998, this brand was made available to smokers all over the world, but even then, in very limited quantities.

These vitolas are presented in the brand’s classic Semi Boîte Nature (SBN) varnished box, which contains 12 units.

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